Rapid development requires quick reactions. This also applies to the constantly changing requirements of corporate governance. We offer competent and neutral advice, supporting you with your business needs with our clear and practical solutions.

Advice and assistance in business start-ups and conversions

To ensure your start up business runs smoothly after launch, a few important preparations must be made. Together we will determine your needs, investigate legal aspects, as well as the various advantages and disadvantages of the individual legal forms. In all your discussions, we are able to support you with the use of the Merger Act for a tax-efficient conversion.

Advice on financial issues

We understand your business, especially from a financial and tax perspective. Thus, it only makes sense to leverage off our extensive knowledge and expertise. We identify the optimal financing model in the life cycle of your company, connect with our wide-ranging network and assist you in choosing the most suitable investor.

Business Valuation

We are able to provide detailed and accurate enterprise valuations, assisting you in determining a holistic enterprise value spanning across all strategic business units. 

Attendance for reorganizations / rehabilitation measures and restructurings

If your business is not running as efficiently as you would wish, we remain a partner at your side. As part of the reorganization process, we analyze and advise on all economic, legal and tax aspects that will contribute to the recovery of your company. Additionally, we are able to assist with the reorientation of your business strategy and, if need be, assist you in finding potential investors.

Advice and assistance with the business succession

Succession planning is an important and delicate process, which requires extensive knowledge and time. We are able to assist in clarifying personal and family issues, as well as provide guidance on all civil law, financial and tax matters that may arise. We understand the sensitivity and importance of such a process, and thus handle such matters with prudence, care and utmost secrecy.

Planning the financial precautions of persons and companies

We consider the planning of financial precautions an important aspect for you. Together with our specialist network, we are able to identify and advise you on the best solutions with regard to all personal, family and fiscal matters.

Preparation of business plans

The business plan is a written summary of your business idea or project and should be professionally drafted, including all financial budgetary aspects. Defining the strategy and objectives not only provides your partners and investors a solid basis, but also acts as a guide to achieving your business goals and objectives.

Creating financial and liquidity plans

A lack of time and/or capacity often leads to the neglect of important internal subdivisions. The implementation of robust financial and liquidity plans ensure the solvency of your company. That way we include your liquid assets in the long-term focus.


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